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Meet Chris, 1 Balloon St's Connection Concierge

From point-to-point connections, to office LAN or advice on what type of connection you need, if you need help Chris is here to answer your questions or connect you with someone else on the team who can.

Chris Stanley

Connection concierge, 1 Balloon St

Preconnect Plus enabled

Connectivity and tech support available to all 1 Balloon St tenants

With Preconnect Plus 1 Balloon St is now ready to receive a connection from your desired communications provider whether it be Vodafone, Colt or CityFibre etc, so you have the freedom to choose who you want a connection from and rest assured that your connection won't get stuck in significant wayleave or access delays.

Our connection concierge is on hand to help you get connected how you want, when you want, and to ensure you benefit from everything Preconnect Plus has to offer.

How your connection concierge can help:

Attended surveys
Temporary connections
Connection from riser to your demise
Technology support
Communication provider coordination
Backup connections

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Ultrafast internet

Ultrafast Connectivity options available at 1 Balloon St. Bespoke options available.

Dedicated, 100% fibre optic internet

1 Balloon St is linked up to the Manchester fibre optic grid which means each unit is linked by a dedicated, 100% fibre optic route all the way to the core of the internet. Read more at telcom.uk/purefibre.

100% Uptime Guarantee

With passive fibre all the way, we're so confident that your connection won't go down that it comes with a 100% uptime SLA.

Dedicated connection

PureFibre capacity is dedicated to each unit, so when you buy 1Gbps, you get a private, uncontended connection all for yourself.

Symmetrical speeds

If you get for example a 1Gbps connection, that means you can get 1Gbps both ways - upload and download.

Unlimited data

No limits on your uploads and downloads, our fibre network allows you to use your connection without any caps.

100 Mbps Dedicated

PureFibre Dedicated 100Mb

Solid, reliable internet for small to mid-sized businesses.

More info at telcom.uk/purefibre

1 Gbps Dedicated

PureFibre Dedicated 1Gb

A very high capacity full-fibre, dedicated business connection - never have to worry about your connection speed.

More info at telcom.uk/purefibre

10 Gbps Dedicated

PureFibre Dedicated 10Gb

The fastest business connection on the market, capable of supporting large offices with heavy requirements.

More info at telcom.uk/purefibre


Note: Prices not inclusive of VAT

Preconnect Enabled

1 Balloon St has been enabled with Telcom Preconnect, which not only unlocks 24hr Connect, but also enables many benefits for tenants, including:

UltraFast delivery

Connection within 24 hours of order

Short term connections

Contract options from 1 week to 6 months


Completely resilient backup for existing fibre services

Read more about telcom.uk/preconnect

Brochure Available

A brochure is available for 1 Balloon St

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Bespoke options available

If you are looking for something more bespoke, or some other networking / communications function, our connectivity team will work with you to build the perfect solution for your business.

Contact Chris, your Connectivity Concierge

Get more from your connection

At Telcom we provide a wide range of services, from VoIP telephony to managed firewalls. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts and we'll help you design the right solution for your business.

Contact Chris, your Connectivity Concierge

Connectivity expert

Talk to one of our experts

There are lots of ways we at Telcom can enable you to get the most out of your connectivity and there are no better people to help than one of our connectivity experts. Get in touch and we'll show you how to build the perfect solution for your business.

Connection request

Use this form to request a connection in 1 Balloon St

Let's get you connected

Tell us a little more about the connection you need and we'll link you up with a connection expert to take you through the process of tailoring your order and getting you online.

24hr Connect Enabled - this building is enabled with 24hr Connect which means we can offer delivery on connections within 1 working day of your order

Let us know approximately when you need your connection. We can't always guarantee you'll get the connection before the date you select, but will always try our best.

Tell us about yourself

Protecting your privacy: This information will be used only to help you with this specific request.

One of our team will be in touch soon to make sure we set up everything you need, and provide you a complete specification.


If you have any questions in the interim or would like to check on the progress of your order, get in touch with your connectivity manager:

Chris Stanley

Connection concierge, 1 Balloon St